What is the caffeine content of Nespresso capsules?

The caffeine concentration depends on multiple variables. For example, the amount of coffee used to make the coffee, the variety of green coffee used in the capsule (Robusta contains an average of 2.4% of caffeine while the Arabica variety contains approximately 1.2%), or the length of the extraction. Decaffeinated coffee capsules contain less than 0.1% of caffeine.

Here's a general guide:

  • Vertuo Capsules: Range between 60mg and 200mg of caffeine per cup, except for half caffeinated & decaffeinated blends.
    - Espresso coffees (40ml) range from 60 to 150mg of caffeine per cup.
    - Double Espresso and Gran Lungo coffees (80ml and 150ml) range from 120 to 200mg of caffeine per cup.
    - Mug and Alto coffees (230ml and 414ml) range from 130 to 200mg of caffeine per cup.
    - Decaffeinated coffee ranges from 4 to 12mg of caffeine per cup, while the Half Caffeinato holds about 70 mg of caffeine per cup. 
  • Original Capsules: Range between 40mg and 130mg of caffeine, except for decaffeinated blends.
    - Ristretto & Espresso (25ml - 40ml) range from 40 to 130mg of caffeine per cup.
    - Lungo (110ml) contains 70 to 110mg of caffeine per cup.
    - Decaffeinated coffee ranges from 2 to 4mg of caffeine per cup.

Please note that, due to the different variables, we can only provide ranges for each size. 

For more specific information on the impact of coffee and health please see Coffee & Health (coffeeandscience.org).

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