Why is my Aeroccino button flashing red?

If the red light on your Aeroccino is flashing continually and the heating cycle stops prematurely, it means that your Aeroccino has detected that it is heating up too quickly.

This may be due to a number of factors; you can find some of these below with recommended steps.

Using the Aeroccino again immediately after first use: The Aeroccino has a safety thermostat that stops the spinning and heating of milk if the temperature is too high. This is to prevent it from burning out. It must be rinsed with cold water, cleaned and allowed to cool before using again.

Traces of milk left in the Aeroccino: The Aeroccino must be thoroughly cleaned after each use. If traces of milk are left inside the Aeroccino, it will cause it to heat up faster than intended and stop heating and spinning earlier. This will result in the button flashing red. We recommend cleaning your Aeroccino thoroughly with cool water and a Teflon-approved or non-stick scourer after every use. It is advised to also rinse the whisk used, to remove any milk residue.

You can find instructions and video guidance on theĀ Machine Assistance page here.

If you have any further questions about your Aeroccino, you can contact Nespresso directly via our toll free number 0800 234 579 or send us a message through the live chat on the website.

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