A capsule is not punched in the machine. What should I do?

Remember that capsules in Nespresso machines are punched in a two-stage process. After a capsule is inserted and the brewing head is closed, a capsule is punched by three spikes from the back. After the cup button is pressed, water under pressure pierces the aluminium foil in the capsule front. If your machine does not pierce capsules:

- run water without a capsule by pressing the Lungo button
- check if the used capsule container is not full
- check if there are no foreign bodies in the capsule chamber

Remember that the appropriate capsule piercing also depends on the pressure generated in the machine. Insufficient pressure can be caused by scale build up. Perform descaling if necessary. In the event of the problem recurrence, inform immediately Nespresso Club Technical Department at the toll-free number: 800 51 52 53, open from 08.00 until 20.00, 7 days a week.  

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