How much caffeine does a Nespresso capsule contain?

The amount of caffeine depends on the sort of coffee used in the specific receipe. It is known that Robusta beans contains an average of 2.4 % caffeine and Arabica beans contain an average of 1.3 % caffeine.

A Nespresso espresso capsule contains about 5 grams of fine coffee grounds and a lungo capsule contains around 6 grams. In other words, an espresso capsule with 100 % Arabica beans contains 65 mg caffeine (5 g x 1.3 % = 0.065 g = 64 mg). Therefore the amount of caffeine is depends the use of Robusta beans and the amount of coffee.

To exemplify:

In a regular cup of filter coffee there are around 75 mg of caffeine, in a cup of instant coffee there are around 100 mg, and in a cup of tea there is around 50 mg. Filter and instant coffee contains more caffeine because the grounded coffee beans are in contact with water longer than the coffee in a Nespresso capsule is.

Our decaffeinato Grands Crus contains less than 0.1 % caffeine.

The intensity of the coffee do not depend on the amount of caffeine, but rather the way the coffee beans have been roasted; the more the bean is roastes, the higher the intensity and taste of the finished product.

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